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"Thank you so much for our first paddleboarding experience. Our adventure exceeded our expectations.  You run a very professional business, but add the personal touch through your love of the outdoors. Your attention to detail was evident from the very beginning to the end, including photographing our stellar, beginner form!!  We really enjoyed this and can't wait until the next time we are in Southwest Florida." - Bev and Nate

"Paddleboarding is such a better way to get on the water than kayaking. It's a full body workout and balancing makes it even more interesting. You were an awesome instructor and very encouraging. I don't think our first experience with this paddlesport could have gone
any better!" - Alex

"Paddling with Lauren was one of the best parts of my trip to Sanibel.  She is so knowledgeable of the area, paddling, and full of insight into the wildlife, environment and SW Florida.  I wish I would have found her earlier in my trip, as I would have absolutely booked her again for more adventures on the water." - Randy 

"Lauren, thank you so much for a FABULOUS experience.  I have your site bookmarked...we'll be contacting you again next year when we come down.  Paddle boarding this morning is one of the major highlights of my birthday week." - Jill and Steve 

Keisha wrote, "My friend Charlie and I did the paddle boarding lesson and had an awesome time! Our instructor was perfect! It got our Vacation Day off to a great start. I have not stopped recommending this organization as a Must DO on Fort Myers Beach. Not only is it cool to know all of the eco-stuff, it is a lesson that you can take with you when visiting other destinations that offer this excursion.
Thank you for your time and accommodation! We had a BLAST!"

Kevin and his family were in town for a wedding and weren't able to bring their paddleboards, so they rented a few. "I just wanted to write to tell you what a fantastic time we all had on our Bowditch Point SUP adventure... everyone had a blast and the ones who had never tried it picked it up lickety-split!!! Matter of fact, I don't think anyone fell in even once!"

Gloria not only did a paddleboard lesson, but she completed a Paddlelates class too!  "I had wanted to try paddleboarding for a while and am so glad I found Paddleboard SWFL!  Lauren was a great teacher – she explained everything so I knew exactly what to expect and getting going was a breeze.   We had a great time on the water.  It was excellent exercise and we even saw a dolphin and some sea turtles up close."

Dwight wrote, "Thank you so much for this morning! As an avid paddler and outdoorsman, this paddleboard adventure was so new and different that I know I will be doing it again! I'm hooked even after one tour with you! You did great and your expertise quickly got us up on the boards and out on the water. Frankly, I did not think I could do it so quickly but I did and loved it! Good luck to you and expect to hear from me again!"

The Miles/McKenna family enjoyed a small reunion with some paddleboard lessons.  Their lessons inspired them to rent boards another day as well. "
 We had great times on our adventures! We hope to come back soon and we highly recommend this for anyone visiting the Ft Myers area. Thanks a ton!"

Deb's kids had a blast with a paddleboard rental.  "When we saw your advertisement in a local restaurant, we couldn't wait to contact you.  We are no novices to paddleboarding on the east coast, but on the waters in Fort Myers Beach, it was AWESOME!  Now that we know, this will be an annual MUST DO for us! Love the deliver and pick up service and your great personality and smile!  Thanks for making our last day on the beach the best."

Jeff and Leigh Ann celebrated the 4th of July with their first paddleboard experience.  Jeff wrote, "Thanks again for the great lesson.  I have sailed, kayaked and canoed all over Florida but this is by far my best experience on the water."

Pat, Ken, Susan, Laurie, Maddie and Dana were all laughs during their first try. "Our motley crew with no discernible skills recently embarked on a paddleboard adventure....Whisked away by our our fantastic instructor, Lauren 'sheep-herder' Sheppards us across the vast abyss to strange new worlds of Dolphins and sea creatures...Where we rescued a strange 4-legged fish-pup named Maddie. Victorious in our mission, we celebrate our new found skills (yes we now have them)...Ready for our next mission... par-Teee... the Belle tolls Hoorah!!"

Maddie (4-legged fish pup)

Dorothy jumped at the opportunity to try paddleboarding. "THANKS so much for showing me how to paddleboard. Wish I lived nearby, as this would be a great fitness help.  I have no balance or upper body strength and this would be a fun way to improve both. Loved how easy it was to hop on the board. It is amazing that I didn't fall off ..not that getting wet is a big deal."

Bridget and Max were hooked after a sunrise paddle.  "I'm so glad you recommended the sunrise paddle.  It was so peaceful to be out there that early.  The sunrise was beautiful.  You are such a great instructor!"

Pete convinced his brother, Adam, to try paddleboarding with him.  They both agreed, it was great.  Pete wrote, "It was so much fun and a very peaceful way of hanging out on the water.  You get to see things from a fun and unique perspective.  I was very impressed with Lauren's enthusiasm for the sport and professionalism. I will certainly be trying it again."

Colleen and Angie were delighted after sighting dolphins and a spotted eagle ray. "We can't wait to get home and brag about it."

Chris and Jamie enjoyed a wildlife show while paddling in San Carlos Bay.  "Between the dolphins, manatees, rays and the amazing workout - it was awesome!  We can't wait to do it again."

Regina and Patrick decided to give paddleboarding a try. Regina remarked, "I'm very nervous about trying new things, especially on the water.  I'm always worried.  However, I felt very safe with you and the paddleboards.  I was able to try a new activity and enjoy it."

Meghan and Bruce enhanced their stay on Ft. Myers Beach with the use of some paddleboards.  "We were master paddlers within the hour!"

Casey and Francesca explored a new area with paddleboards. "
We had an awesome time paddleboarding!  We are from Naples, and Lauren made it so easy to meet up with her half way at Dog Beach--great location by the way. We are unfamiliar with the waters up there, so Lauren gave us good directions. We paddled around for a couple hours in and around the mangroves and then back up at Dog Beach. It was a great experience."

Jessica, Lindsay, Rose and Renee ventured out together for their first time paddling.  They all agreed, paddleboarding is "relaxing and peaceful, but at the same time, an easy challenge."

The Gottwalds, visiting from Germany, were thrilled to try paddleboarding.  "It was very fun and a lot easier than it looks!  It's a smarter choice than jetskiing, as you can get closer to the wildlife."

Tish put it simply,"It ROCKS!"

Brian gave paddleboarding a go and said, "It's tricky at first, but after 5 minutes, you've got it.  As the day progressed, the seas became rougher, but I was still able to do it.  I even had my sister and brother try too! As a multi board-sport participant, I really enjoyed paddleboarding."

Ian and Lee caught some waves at Bowditch.  Ian wrote, "Lauren's cheerful, can-do approach to paddleboarding makes her the ideal instructor to get you started.  You will not find a better way to appreciate the natural beauty of Southwest Florida than paddleboarding in the back bays and on the Gulf."

Rosaire, Claude and Raymond joined us for our Earth Day celebration for their first paddleboarding experience.  They enjoyed it so much, they came back for more.  The "Quebecers" wrote, "Thank you once again for this beautiful experience.  Never thought at our age that we would enjoy paddleboarding as much as we did.  Totally awesome when seas are calm and challenging on choppy seas. This is an experience we will repeat again and again and again."

After Rusty's first paddleboard trial, he was all smiles.  "This is a toy I just have to have."

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