Paddleboard SWFL
Get on the water


New to paddleboarding? 

Take a lesson with Paddleboard SWFL and you will be gliding in no time! 

What does a lesson include?
 - review of basic ocean safety
 - paddling instruction and guidance
 - and once you feel comfortable - a mini tour or play  (time permitting)

Lessons last an hour.

Under our instruction, it will take you 15 minutes or less to learn the skills you will need for your lifetime.  We will use the rest of the time to tour the area, see wildlife and learn about SWFL's unique environment.

Be sure to wear items you don't mind getting wet!  Water shoes (Keen's, Tevas, old sneakers), sunscreen, and a water bottle are essential.  Sunglasses are great - just make sure they stay on your head really well.  A fall can be a part of learning - but losing sunglasses doesn't have to be! A towel may be a nice item to have waiting for you as well.

Skeptical?  This sport is one of the best Florida has to offer!  ANYONE can paddleboard, why shouldn't you?  It's so EASY and a simple but fun way to be out on the water.  

*The more the merrier - bring your family and friends so they don't feel left out* 

You will not forget this hour of fun learning.

Surf lessons available, weather permitting.


1 hour                            

1 person            $70 each
2 people            $60 each
3 or more          $50 each

Reserve your lesson today!


Feel free to email us, or give us a call, 239-826-2676.

See you soon.


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