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Bay-to-Gulf SUP Race 2011

Lee County's FIRST paddleboard race was a huge success!  May 1, 2011, Bunche Beach was filled to the brim with paddleboards.  Some belonged to racers, others to the numerous outfitters who helped sponsor the event.  Thanks to everyone who made this event possible and to those who came out to support the SWFL SUP community!  Keep your eyes peeled for the next SWFL paddleboard race in November.  Below are the race results from the Bay-to-Gulf SUP Race 2011:


Bay-to-Gulf SUP Race Results


Women’s 1 mile Recreational Race

1st Jennifer Hayes 34 Naples, FL 16.7 (overall winner in 1 mile race)

2nd Janice Kufel 47 Fort Myers, FL 20.30

3rd Jennifer McCue 39 Fort Myers, FL 20.42

4th Beth Goldman 45 Fort Myers, FL 20.46

5th Margo Von-Mauw 49 Fort Myers, FL 21.36

6th Tracy Mathes 45 Fort Myers, FL 22.36

Men’s 1 mile Recreational Race

1st Gary Vincent 21 Ft. Myers Beach, FL 18.22

2nd Ian Hamer 29 Plantation, FL 19.15

3rd Richard Levine 56 North Ft. Myers, FL 19.56

4th Brian Holaway 42 Fort Myers, FL 20.58

5th Matt Purdy 35 Lehigh Acres, FL 21.41

6th Sean Pham 25 Fort Myers, FL 23.41

Women’s 3.5 mile Competitive Race

1st Mindy Quinsey 37 Naples, FL 49.07

2nd Kat Lucchesi 43 Naples, FL 59.13

3rd Victoria Crosby 50 Fort Myers, FL 1.07:20

4th Jackie Lawson 37 Fort Myers, FL 1.07:31

Men’s 3.5 mile Competitive Race

1st Mark Athabacio 46 Naples, FL 38.09 (overall winner in 3.5 race)

2nd Bill Quinsey 40 Naples, FL 45.10

3rd Patrick DeMarinis 38 Tampa, FL 51.19

4th Michael Doane 24 Sanibel, FL 52.20

5th Christopher Nappi 31 Cape Coral, FL 53.17

6th Brian Lawson 37 Fort Myers, FL 54.49

Fun Facts:

47 total racers

Oldest racer 78

3 female racers in their 60’s

Average female in recreational race 48 years old

All women racers over the age of 34

Racers from as far away as Rehobeth Beach, DE

See you soon.
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